An important and bold decision about the fees for trading Bitcoin within the United States!

trading Bitcoin within the United States  
Today, Wednesday, the US Binance platform made an important decision about Bitcoin trading fees, in light of the drop in the price of the digital operation significantly and its trading near the level of $ 20 thousand, as the Binance platform in America decided to reduce the Bitcoin spot trading fees to zero on its platform
The platform explained that it will now allow users to discover bitcoin trading against the US dollar, USDC, and BUSD, and linkage without paying any fees, as the platform's fees were previously 0.1% for trading Bitcoin for volumes under $50,000
The higher the volume, the less the fee is used
 Binance noted that this decision is an opportunity to revolutionize the way fees are handled in our industry, increase access to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, and help markets and customers in their time of need
 During today's trading, bitcoin decreased by 5.32% and recorded about $20,227.62, with a daily trading volume of bitcoin of $27,790,972,987, with a capital value of $385,825,716,514, and it is still ranked first among the most popular digital currencies in terms of market capitalization.
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